Limited Prints of Iblard
Tecnique of printing : Giclee
Edition size : 200
Supervised and Signed by Naohisa INOUE
Published by ART SPACE, Co. Ltd.

Mr.INOUE (click for the large image)

(click for the large image)

A limitted number and the part of the Japanese signature "I NO U E" of Mr.INOUE

The world is my collection (click for the large image)

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Upward draft

Station in the woods

Cottage where a soft wind blows

Rapunsell's Tower

The Mushroom House

Mansion of sea and wind

Phantasmal fish

A windy embarkment

Borrowed garden

Private Beach

Model Room in the Forest

The "Marine-Night shop"

Patroling Pilot

Nature shop at the station

Crossing Point

Encounter with Megezo


Sky Avenue

Crystalshop at the station

Walking along an ally way



Houses of the Multi- Stratus Sea

Sea-Snake fishing